Twitter Fatigue and Rejuvenation

I’ve live Tweeted my class notes twice and have experienced both Twitter Fatigue and Rejuvenation. I notice that after about 30 minutes of chronicling everything that everyone says in 140 characters, I become exhausted and bored. Maybe I’m just not cut out to be a stenographer, but my fatigue does illuminate some things about Twitter.

First and foremost, Twitter is more fun when you post about stuff that interests you rather than trying to chronicle everything that is said in a conversation. Second, Twitter is more fun when used in a community setting. Making an anonymous comment on Katie’s blog and being called out on it by Jarah through Twitter was more fun than doing that task in isolation. Additionally, having others chronicle the class greatly relieved the pressure I felt to write down everything. Perhaps experiences are better archived when multiple perspectives are acknowledged and put together.

This leaves me with a question: what purpose can Twitter have within the overall project of knowledge sharing in this blog? Certain tools like HootCourse can definitely aid in class participation, but I don’t really see how this brings our class outside the halls of academia. Maybe my outlook on Twitter and social media is wrong. Why build an archive when I can foster a polis?

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