Hello Internet v. 01101010 01101011

We live in an information saturated environment. We only pretend that information is free flowing and unstoppable. Acknowledging physical limitations is not enough. We must look at our hands and see the blood that drips from them. Every notebook gathering dust, every unrecorded lecture, every file tucked away into the recess of our hard drives is an act of involuntary manslaughter. We are engaged in the negligent destruction of boundless knowledge.

This blog is an attempt to move beyond the traditional hand wringing over the privilege of a higher-level education and the inability of others to get access to it. This is an attempt to share what I learn in WMST488A by using social media to catalog my class experiences. In the humanities, it is criminal to neglect the potential of social media in pedagogy. Most texts are available for free online anyway and the only thing that changes about classes is the collection of bodies paying tuition. We do a disservice by not letting people access this information, thereby denying them the chance to get some variant of a college education.

This blog is an experiment in chronicling and sharing one’s experiences so that others may benefit from them. It is probably doomed to fail, but I must at least try to scream before I give up to silence.

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